"all i know is packing bags , its a remedy "

im moving with my dad , since i got kicked out of school im not staying with my mom , ill end up liike her , so ill go up there work , get cashflow like whoa , my lisence , my GED , then have money for an apartment with kassi.
, pudds going with us to TASTE OF CHAOS !!! YAY , i cant wait. i stole a new shirt from hottopic yesterday , its a camo mcr shirt. dopeshizz. thats it.
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um this snow isnt going away. its bad.

i went to the E.R. becuase i fell on my back real hard 360ing to fakie on of the 1/4s . i have 4brused muscles in my back.

 i finshed pudds LJ.  thats it.



watch he'll never use it...


burning blues from butterflies


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hawthorne heights is coming to boston . there playin with sugercult. i want to go but that makes me not want to.
there awseom , but there no underOATH.

i got a 70 on my english exam
my cerimics was easy
and so was spanish.
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im at pudds right now, im bored , i have to make him a livejournal. i went to the skatepark yesterday , i got fucked up on the spin and eightfoot quarter , damn niggers.

"I just wanna get your fucking voice out of my head... "

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wake me up form this nightmare...

i saw hawthorne hieghts , number one fan , spitalfield and the black maria.

hh was awseom shit
#1fan was good ,
the black maria was ok , i met the singer in the bathroom and we pissed together and chattted.
i hate spital field.

i went with jon , kassi and lexi

jon smelled bad.
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niggers and niggers.

i need to go to threapy. tomorrow

then i will go to hawthorne heights show.


my dad is gettin me my new telecaster in greeeen.

im getting a new back wheel too. niggers
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its our time to shine...

im friends with kevin robinson.
hes friends with tom stober.
i seen tom stober at u.studios.
i told him im friends with kevin
he said friends with kevin freids with him
he gave me free VIP passes to 6 hb demo shows.
it was fun , nifty and rad.
2day is the last night in florida
i missed underoath
im gonna miss florida but ill be back soon
kassi is being nice again.
i dont want to go to school tomorrow.
i hada great time with mikey , my aunt and nana.
nana is badass.
she gave me her camera.
i love biking again
i forgot hohw much i loved it
thats my new years rez-o-loo-shon

to ride at least 4-5 times a week and to progress.
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your eyes , your concrete eyes.

new cds that arent out yet but im getting!

agaisnt me! , falloutboy , avengedsevenfold , from autumn to ashes and the big one

nOrma jean........... thats all cuz i have no life.


if im a writer and im a poet i might love you and never show it...

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(no subject)

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, you'd be..?skatepark
Color or black & white pictures?b&w
Do you believe in true love?yes
What is your favorite smell?gasoline
What do you sleep in?i sleep in the nude. j/k pjs
What's your dream car?i keep it simple , explorer
Drugs are..re-dick-you-lus-lee dumb
Is cheerleading a sport?its on espn right?
George W. Bush: love him or hate him?dont give a shit bout him
What is your drug of choice?smarties
Summer or Winter?im s0 craZy4 summer
Spring or Autumn?spring
Where is your favorite place to sleep?in a bed
Sleep with any stuffed animals?a pig and a frog.
Do you like shoe shopping?well i like going to stores and coming out with the same amount of maoney i had yet tons of things.
What's your favorite Chinese dish?beef and broccli , por fri rice
Is the glass half empty or half full?half your mom shut up you skank
Do blondes really just want to have fun?no all girls just wanna have fun
Blood: pretty or gross?pretty
Yankees or Red Sox?baseball can suck a popsicle
What famous person would you kill to meet?dallas taylor
A few close friends or lots of acquantances?mafia mother fuckers.
Afraid of commitment?nope
Who's hotter: Brittney, Christina or Avril?ashlee simpson owns
Did you like the Power Rangers when you were a kid?still do , jason is my favorite
How long have you lived at your current residence?8years.
Dog person or cat person?cat
Will the squirrel militia eventually take over the world?if i knew what it was then maybe
Are penguins your minions?peguins are birds too.
Liquor or beer?red bull

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